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Last modified on 11/14/2017 1:58 PM by User.

Invoices and Receipts

Invoices and receipts for conference registration through the Conference Registration Form are generated and can be viewed in a number of areas. The availability of this information supports organizers in acquiring full payment from all registrants.

Registration Confirmation Email

Immediately upon completing their registration, registrants will receive an automatic confirmation email. This email is sent to the email address listed on their registration.

For full details on what is contained in this email, see the Registration Confirmation Email.

A copy of this email is also sent to any administrator with the community whose System Email Options are set to include Registration emails. For more information on setting and changing these options, see the Edit User Profile page.

Print or Resend from Registration Summary

Administrators can re-send the Registration Confirmation Email at any time from the Registration Summary page. Click on the Registration tab. At the bottom of the summary, click Re-send this Document to re-send the email. At the top left corner of the page there is also a button to create a printer-friendly version of the Registration Summary.

Edit Registration

Once a registrant has completed the Conference Registration Form, they are able to view a summary of their registration at any time by logging back into the conference's Conference Manager site and visiting the Conference Registration Form. In the top right corner of the screen, the registrant can click Details to view their Registration Summary on the screen.

Pay by Fax/Mail Form

If We will accept payment by Fax or Mail is checked on the Payment page of the Edit Registration Form tool, registrants will see a button at the end of the Conference Registration Form which says Pay by Fax/Mail. This will enable the registrant to generate a form which can be filled in and mailed or faxed to the conference administrators along with payment. Details which populate this form are also entered in the same section of the Payment page.

This form includes basic information which allows the administrators to easily identify the registrant from the Registration Admin Page and Make Payments.

Information included on the Pay by Fax/Mail form includes:

  • The community name
  • An invoice number consisting of the CID number, followed by the unique registration ID number
  • The "payable to" name for the conference, and the address to mail payment to
  • The registrant's basic conference information, including name, User ID number, Company, Conference Manager username, email address, phone number, and postal address
  • The date the registration was entered, the costs associated with all registration options selected, the subtotal, taxes, and total amount payable
  • A place to include any different billing information, the amount paid and payment method
  • The text entered in the Faxback Form Note - Top and Bottom boxes, which are found on the Payment page of the Edit Registration Form tool

Print Invoices

The Print Invoices button can be found in the top right corner of the Registration Admin Page.

This button generates a .doc file with the invoice or receipt for every registrant. Each new invoice starts on a new page.  The invoices are ordered in whichever order they appear on the Registration Admin Page at the time that the reports are generated.

The following information is included in each invoice: