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This is page 5 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

Mandatory fields on this page are:

  • At least one rate option must be created
  • All ticket types must have a description and a Final price.

Screen Label

This is the title that registrants see on this page as they complete the registration form. The default title is Registration Type; for clarity it is recommend to maintain a similar type of title.

Account Code

Text entered in this box will be used as the Account Code in the Financials Report.

Full Ticket Types

For more information about Coupon Codes and Accompanying Guest types, see Accompanying Persons.

Conference Manager can accommodate a large number of specialized registration rates.

Ideally, conference organizers should create a new Full Ticket Type for every rate option that needs to be tracked. This can include tickets for special groups like members, students, or presenters that may be offered different price options. Organizers can also create separate Full Ticket Types that have the same prices, which is frequently used to differentiate between different types of delegates - for example, separate complimentary Ticket Types for staff, volunteers and sponsors.

Each Full Ticket Type must have a description, which is visible by registrants as they proceed through the form.

The type is also defined as Delegate, Coupon, Accompanying, or Child (depending on which Pricing Track your conference uses). Delegate types are available to all registrants, regardless of whether they are using a Coupon Code. Coupon types are available only to registrants who have entered specific coupon codes. To make a Ticket Type available to coupon users only, select Coupon, and then click Details to choose which coupon(s) allow registrants to see that rate. Accompanying and Child rates are offered only if you are offering Group Bookings with Multiple Pricing Tracks. Accompanying rates are typically used for adult partners and Child rates are used for children. If you are offering Multiple Pricing Tracks, you must provide at least one rate option each for Accompanying and Child types.

Enter the full price (pre-taxes) for each deadline you will be offering. You must provide a Final rate; Early-bird and Regular rates are optional.

Taxes are defined on the Payment page. Taxes that are applied to a rate will be applied in addition to the price entered.

Rates that are marked ID Req'd will require registrants to fill in an ID number before proceeding. It is not possible for the system to check this ID number against a known list of ID numbers. The number entered in this space can be found by downloading the Export Data Report.

It is not possible to delete a ticket type once it has been created, and it is not advised to replace a ticket type with an alternate type once registration has been opened. To eliminate a ticket type, check the Cxld (Cancelled) box next to the ticket. This rate will no longer be accessible by registrants. Cancelled items may be hidden from view by selecting the 'Hide Cancelled?' checkbox from the top of the page.

It is also possible to make a ticket Admin-Only by checking the Admin Only box next to the ticket. These rates are not visible to registrants, but can be applied by an administrator for record-keeping purposes. For example, a registration rate entitled "Late Cancellation" could be given a cost equal to your cancellation fee, and be made Admin Only. This rate would be applied to registrants who cancelled their registration, in order to keep the Financials report balanced where a cancellation fee was kept.

You may also set limits on tickets. Simply select the Details button for that ticket, set a Limit on the screen that pops up, and select Save & Close. When a limit has been reached, that ticket will no longer be available for registrants to select.

Creating only one ticket type will cause the Registration Type page to not appear in the Conference Registration Form. This is only an option if No Accompanying Persons are permitted as part of the registration.

Partial Ticket Types

Partial Ticket Types are not available if you are allowing group bookings with multiple pricing tracks.

Partial Tickets are ideally used to provide single-day tickets for a conference. They work similarly to Full Tickets, in that you can create different options for delegates or Coupon Codes, create Early Bird, Regular, and Final pricing options, add taxes, and require ID numbers. You also cannot delete a Partial Ticket Type, but you can cancel them.  If you will offer multiple different rate options for special Partial Tickets, for example for sponsors or volunteers, you must create separate Partial Ticket Types for each rate type. You may also set limits on partial tickets, but please note that it applies to the entire partial ticket group, not the specific day. Therefore, if you want to apply a daily limit, create a different partial ticket group for each day.

First, click Add a Partial Ticket Type.  Enter a description which will be seen by registrants - for example, "Single day ticket".  This will appear above the dates offered as partial tickets.

Next, you can add days that delegates may choose to purchase tickets for. Label each day with the day of the week and the day of the month. You may identify different prices for different days.  Delegates can choose to attend multiple single days.

Any Meals or Workshops being offered will be available to registrants purchasing Partial Ticket options at the same rates as they are offered for registrants purchasing Full Tickets, including both purchased and complimentary items. Registrants will be responsible for checking dates to confirm that any purchased tickets will match the dates of their Partial Tickets.

Additional Instructions

Text entered in the first box will appear on the page of the Conference Registration Form where delegates select their registration rate.

Text entered in the second box will be applied to the first page of the Conference Registration Form, near the Coupon Code entry box (if applicable). This makes this a particularly apt place to put any instructions for registrants related to coupon codes.


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