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Registration Admin Dashboard»Registration Form Setup»Basic Information

Basic Information

This is page 2 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

Mandatory fields on this page are:

  • Conference Title
  • Final Registration Deadline

Your Conference

Complete basic information about your conference. The Conference title, subtitle, venue and description will appear on the first page of the Conference Registration Form.

Start and End dates describe the first and last day of your conference.

If you will allow users to edit their registration, delegates will be able to change their own details without requiring intervention by your administrators. If you will allow substitutions, or if you will be adding workshops or trips at a later point, it is recommended to permit users to edit their registrations.

Selecting Yes to Allow users to add another registration will allow users to click a single link to begin a new registration after completing the form. This is generally recommended.

When a delegate registers for a conference, a Conference Manager user account is automatically created (if they do not have an existing account). Selecting Yes to Email login details to user after registration will send an email to all new users with their login credentials (see New User Account Email). All registrants will still receive a Registration Confirmation Email even if this option is set to No.

You may also force users to create an account prior to registering by selecting Yes to Force Login before registration. If you select No, users will be prompted to create an account after registration. There is very little functional difference between the two options, and is mostly personal preference.

CID's using the Membership module may link their registration form and memberships together by entering the CID where the membership is housed into the Membership community field. This adds an additional column to the registration list view, which enables administrators to determine if registrants are also members of their association. This is a useful way of verifying if users selecting Member conference tickets are indeed members.

Registration Deadlines

If you wish to offer financial incentives for people to register early, the Registration Setup Wizard allows space for 3 deadlines with different registration fees associated with each. If your conference is offering time-based registration rates, choose your cutoff dates in the Registration Deadlines fields. Registration will close at 12 midnight Central Standard time on the date(s) that you have selected. If you will only offer one registration rate, leave the Early-bird and Regular fields empty. The Final registration deadline is a required field.  

On the Delegates page of the Registration Setup Wizard, you will be able to define conference registration rates based on these date cutoffs.  If you wish to extend a rate deadline at any time, you can do so simply by changing the date on this page.

Terms and Conditions

This is an optional item. Terms and conditions are items that registrants should agree to in order to proceed with their registration. To make these terms and conditions mandatory, select Yes to Terms and Conditions Required. You may also use this space to obtain consent for an optional item, such as a photographic release.

Show Post Registration Redirect Button

This link will appear as a button following completion of the Conference Registration Form.

Additional Instructions

If you wish to provide additional information to users on the first page of the Conference Registration Form, do so using this box. This text will appear immediately before the Next button.


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