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Registration Confirmation Email

When a delegate completes the conference registration wizard, they will automatically receive an email notification confirming their registration.  This email is sent to the email address listed in their registration.  A copy is also forwarded to any administrators with this option selected in their account. (See Users)

The Registration Confirmation Email includes:

  • The registration date
  • An invoice number consisting of the CID number, followed by the unique registration ID, and either the word Invoice or Receipt (depending on payment status)
  • The action which preceded the email and the name of the conference
  • The name and address of the registrant
  • The Conference Title, Subtitle, and Venue - as entered on the Basic Information page of the Edit Registration Form tool
  • The cancellation policy - as entered on the Payment page of the Edit Registration Form tool
  • All items selected in the registration for all persons registered, including Registration Type, Meals, Workshops, Accommodation, Trips and Tours, Special Services, and Custom Questions, if they are included in the Registration Summary
  • The subtotal for all costs levied
  • Tax calculations (if applicable)
  • The total order
  • The total amount paid
  • The total amount owing (if applicable)

Conference administrators are strongly encouraged to add a cancellation policy to this email.  This information can be entered on the Payment page of the Edit Registration Form tool. 

Conference administrators are able to provide other information about the conference using the Cancellation Policy box described above.  Information added in this space must be generic to all delegates.

Users who have entered invalid email addresses will not receive this email.  Conference Manager requires that all email addresses be entered in a format (requiring the @ symbol and a . before the domain), however the system is unable to determine if email addresses are indeed valid.

This confirmation can be printed or emailed to the registrant at any time, as either acknowledgement of payment or a friendly reminder of outstanding fees. See Invoices and Receipts for more information.