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Reviewer Position
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Last modified on 3/6/2018 10:44 AM by User.

Reviewer Position

A reviewer can be a Reviewer, Lead Reviewer, or both. A Reviewer is expected to review the abstract and record the scoring information in the Confmanager system. A Lead Reviewer makes sure a sufficient number of reviews are completed as well as other tasks depending on how the conference is run. Lead Reviewers will not be able to enter a review unless they have the "Both" position.

All Lead reviewers will have a "*" next to their name in the Reviewer drop down. When the "Assign" command is selected a drop down will appear and allow you to select how the selected abstracts will be assigned.

Here is how the different positions appear on the Abstract Admin page;

Users in the "Lead Reviewers" column will have lead reviewer permissions for that abstract. Anyone in the "Reviewers" column will have reviewer access and will be expected to submit a review. User "Cloud Nine" is a lead reviewer only and will not submit reviews. Cloud Ten is a lead reviewer for abstract 106936 and a reviewer for abstracts 106936 and 106937. They were given the "Both" position for abstract 106936. User "Cloud Eleven" is a reviewer only for abstracts  106936 and 106937.