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Registration Admin Dashboard

Registration Admin Dashboard

Your Registration Admin page shows an at-a-glance view of your conference's registration status. The Registration Admin page can be found from the Tools menu, under Registration.

From this page you can monitor registration status, identify delegates that you need to follow up with, and perform other administrative tasks.

Adding and Hiding Columns

You can add or remove a number of columns from your Registration Admin view, creating a specialized view to speed up your administrative tasks.

To add a column, select that column's name from the drop-down list next to Add Column.  Delegate responses to Custom Questions are tagged by the name you entered for each question (see Custom Questions for more details).

To hide a column, click the x next to the column's name. You can bring columns back at any time using the Add Column button.

Some columns cannot be hidden from view.  These include Cancelled, Order ID, Names, Total Fee, and Balance Owing.

Your Registration Admin screen can be customize and remembers your custom setup when you next access the page.  Only one custom setup can be stored for each administrator in your community.

Sorting by Column Data

You can sort the data in your Registration Admin page by clicking the title of a column.  All data visible in the grid will be sorted by this attribute.  The default sort is ascending by Names.

The triangle next to the column name indicates that the data grid is sorted by this category. The first click sorts the data descending (0-9, A-Z). Click the column name again to reverse the sort to sort ascending (Z-A, 9-0).

Viewing More Data

To add additional column information, see Adding and Hiding Columns.

Adding more delegate records to the grid enables you to see more information at once.

By default, you will be able to view 15 records on the screen at one time.  Click Longer List to view a larger number of records on the screen at once.  Clicking Longer List adds records in increments of 5.  Use Shorter List to reduce the number of records on the screen by 5 at a time.

To view all records on one page, click Show All.  If you have a large number of delegates registered for your event, this may take some time to load.

Filtering Delegates

Enter a search term in the Search box to view a list of delegates whose registrations include that term.  The search box will look in the following areas only:

  • Names
  • Company
  • Username
  • Email Address

To filter by other attributes, including payment status, dietary restrictions, workshop registration, etc., see Statistics.

Delegates' Accounts

See Users for related information.

To apply a payment, discount, or refund see Making Payments.

Clicking on a delegate's name brings you to a panel which shows additional information about that delegate's registration.

The Summary tab enables an administrator to briefly access key information about a delegate, including name, email address, registration type, and payment status.  The administrator can also click the green icon next to the name to access that user's full account, including their role, their default language, a password reset link, and access to their core details (eg. address, company, username).

The Registration tab creates a full invoice or receipt for that delegate's conference registration - including rate information, accompanying guests (if applicable), meal selection, workshop selection, trip selection, and other purchased items.  The receipt includes tax calculations, the total, and the subtotal. The administrator can print this information, send this information to the delegate via email, edit the delegate's registration, or cancel the registration from this tab.

Special Functions

Print Invoices

Print Invoices creates a Microsoft Word file (.doc) of invoices for all delegates.

Every delegate is included in this report, including paid, unpaid, overpaid, and partially paid delegates, as well as both active and cancelled registrations.

The printed invoices include all cost item options, such as meals, workshops, trips, additional purchased items, and registration rate.  In communities which allow Accompanying Persons, each invoice includes all cost items for each delegate.

These invoices do NOT contain the unique invoice numbers which are included in the automatic notification emails.

Payment Summary

See Making Payments for related information.

Payment Summary shows a list of transactions completed, including:

  • CID number
  • Community name
  • Date of transaction
  • Delegate's name
  • Total fee
  • Amount owing
  • Discount
  • Amount paid
  • Payment type
  • Method
  • User's login

Additional information can be added to this grid. By default, the grid shows all transactions completed on today's date.  This can be expanded to show yesterday's payments, all payments, or payments within a certain date range.

The grid also defaults to show payments in all communities where you are an administrator.  Administrators can also specify a particular community. 

As with all other data grids, this report can be exported to Excel.

Delete All Registrants

Deleting all registrants currently associated with your community is a task that your Account Manager can perform only.

You may request this option if you entered a number of test registrations, and wish to remove these prior to opening registration to actual delegates.  Please note, this must be completed prior to opening registration to the public.