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Making Payments

See Payment for more information about processing online payments.

Conference Manager supports online and offline payments.  If your conference is set up to accept online payment by credit card, you will likely receive the bulk of payments online. If your conference accepts payment by mail or fax, you must apply payments to your registrants' accounts.

From the Registration Admin Page click on the name of the registrant whose payment you have received.

On this page, you can apply a payment, a refund, a discount, or a complimentary registration to the delegate's account.

Applying Payment

If you are applying a payment, you will be prompted to select a method of payment, indicate the total amount of payment, and log the date that the payment was processed.  You may select to notify the registrant of their payment processing by email, and to add a custom memo to this email.

Discounts are applied in the same way as payments, however discounts do not require payment method information.

Comping a registration prompts you to confirm you want to apply a full discount in the amount of the registrant's total registration cost.  To comp the conference fee, but not any additional items the delegate may have purchased, you must edit the delegate's registration and change their registration to a complimentary rate type. Please note that comping a registration simply sets the owing balance to $0. This is important to be mindful of when multiple administrators are overseeing registration finances. If a discount were applied followed by using the complimentary feature, this would result in a $0 net balance, but if the comp feature is used prior to a discount being applied, you could end up with a negative net balance.

Cancellation and Refunds

When cancelling a registration it is important to document this financially in order to keep your Conference Manager reports accurate.

Refunding a delegate will subtract funds paid from their Conference Manager registration record.  Registrants who have been refunded partially or fully will have the status Unpaid or Partial-Paid.  Cancelled registrations are also listed as Unpaid or Partial-Paid when registrants are refunded.

Applying a Discount to a cancelled registrant's record is a way of balancing the remaining cost.  Another option is to create an Admin-Only Ticket Type called "Cancellation" and transfer the registrant's registration to this rate by editing the registration. This is especially recommended for conferences where delegates may purchase additional meals, trips, or other items which are non-refundable, as the total fee owing will then include these costs.

To process a refund for conference fees paid, go to the Registration Admin Page and click on the name of the registrant.  Select Refund under Payment Type, enter the amount refunded, and the refund method.  It is recommended to add a comment to each refund, particularly for large conferences, as it can be difficult to recall details at a later date. Note that this process does not process an actual refund to the registrant's credit or debit card - this must be done through your merchant account.