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Last modified on 11/14/2017 2:12 PM by User.

Registration Form Setup

For information about the structure and format of the conference registration form that delegates complete to register for your conference, see Conference Registration Form.

It is possible to create and edit your conference's registration form using the Registration Setup wizard, also known as the Edit Registration Form tool.

New conference communities can create their registration form for the first time by clicking Registration Admin, found under the Tools menu.

After registration has been opened, the Edit Registration Form tool can be accessed through the Registration Admin Page, by clicking the blue Edit Form link in the top right set of links. Please note that only one administrator may be logged in and making changes at any given time. If a second administrator accesses the form and begins making changes, the other admin will receive a warning message at the top of their screen when they attempt to change pages, indicating that the form has been locked for editing. It will also display the username of the second administrator. You should take this opportunity to communicate with the other admin so as to avoid contradictory information being added to the form. To get back into the form after being locked out, simply log out, log back in, and access the form again.

The Edit Registration Form tool is a 12-page administrator tool to create your customized registration path.  Create your form carefully - once you have opened your registration, you will be able to modify most, but not all areas.

When creating and editing your registration form, keep in mind that it is not necessary to fill in every area.  Mandatory fields are marked with a blue *, all other fields are optional. It is also possible to exclude certain pages from the registration path by leaving information blank.  Conference organizers often create more work for themselves by completing every field - this is especially true when your registration form must be approved by a committee prior to launching.

The form pages are as follows:

0 Registration Setup Wizard Informational page showing all the pages below
1 Basic Information Venue, dates and deadlines
2 Payment Currency and payment options
3 Accompanying Persons Delegate groups, Guests, Spouses or Children
4 Delegates Ticket types, prices and number limits
5 Meals Meals, prices and number limits
6 Sessions/workshops/seminars Workshops, including concurrent
7 Accommodation Hotel reservations, etc.
8 Trips/tours and other items Trips, tours and other items
9 Special Services Wheelchair access, translation services
10 Custom Questions (Registration Form) Required information that doesn't belong in any other place
11 Confirmation Final overview of your information

Form Features

HTML Boxes

Every text entry box with a light blue background will render HTML in the users' registration form. This allows you to add logos, images, links, etc. to your registration form. Click here for a simple HTML cheat-sheet.

Form Navigation

Once you have built your form once, you can skip through the Registration Setup Wizard by clicking on any page number at the bottom of the screen and/or click Finish at any time to save your changes.