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This is page 6 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

No fields on this page are mandatory if the conference is not offering meal options.

This page can be used to create information about all meals that will be offered at the conference, including both complimentary meals and meals that must be purchased.  Conference organizers can choose which meals they wish to present this way - many conferences choose to simply describe what meals will be offered using the Additional Instructions box, particularly for complimentary meals.

Information generated from this page is used to populate the Meals page of the Statistics page and create the Meals Report.

Meal Description

This is the title that registrants see on this page as they complete the registration form. The default title is Meals; for clarity it is recommend to maintain a similar type of title.

Account Code

Text entered in this box will be used as the Account Code in the Financials Report.

Add a Meal

Click Add a Meal to create your first meal.

You must provide a description and time for each meal offered. If you create multiple meals, they will be sorted in the order that they are created. Information in these boxes is not HTML sensitive; if you wish to provide additional information, it is advisable to use the Additional Instructions box at the bottom of the page for this purpose.

Only one price option is available for each meal. The price can be set as N/A, Incl (for Included), or $, for a dollar amount. If $ is selected, a price must be entered in the box to the right. You may create discounted, coupon-restricted meals in the same manner as you do for tickets. Simply create a new item, select the 'Details' button, and associate the appropriate coupon.

If Default is selected, then this meal will be selected by default for registrants moving through the Conference Registration Form - if selected, the meal is opt-out, and if it is unselected the meal will be opt-in. If you wish registrants to be able to opt-out of a meal, you must set the price as $. To allow registrants to opt out of a complimentary meal, set a price of $0, and make sure that you have un-selected "Please select the check box if you want anything that has a price of 0.00 to not be visible" on the Payment page.

Meals may not be deleted. To remove a meal from the registration form check the 'Cxld' (Cancelled) box next to the meal. Cancelled items will remain in the admin side of the registration form (so they may be re-added), but will not be visible to registrants as they complete the form.

You may also set limits on Meals. Simply select the 'Details' button for the meal, enter the appropriate limit, then Save & Close. When a limit has been reached, registrants will no longer be able to select that item.

Dietary Restrictions

Select any of the dietary restrictions you are able to accommodate on this page, depending on your arrangement with your caterer.  You may opt to allow registrants to list food issues as Allergies or as Other; when both of these options are provided registrants typically interpret Allergies as true allergies and Other as preferences or special diets (eg. low carb, prefer no tomatoes, etc.).  If you opt to take information about dietary restrictions but have not created any meals, your Conference Registration Form will still include the Meals page.

Additional Instructions

If you wish to provide additional instructions to registrants on anything to do with meals at the conference, add it to this box.


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