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Conference Registration Form
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Last modified on 11/14/2017 1:28 PM by User.

Conference Registration Form

This page is for the conference registration form that your registrants see.  For more information about the admin options involved in creating this form, see Edit Registration Form.

Your Conference Registration Form is the page which is publicly available and permits people to register for your conference. In the Conference Registration Form, registrants can provide their contact details, select workshops, purchase trips and meals, sign up additional guests, and more.  All of these options are set in the Edit Registration Form tool.

Depending on the options you create using Coupon Codes, your different types of conference registrants can see entirely different options and rates. The Conference Registration Form can accommodate a huge array of different registration options to suit your organization's plans using a single form.

Viewing and Sharing the Conference Registration Form

Once you have created your Conference Registration Form using the Edit Registration Form tool, you will be able to view the registration form, test your registration form, and share links to the form to open registration for your conference.  You can make changes to almost every component of the form after registration has opened by using the Edit Registration Form tool, however you will not be able to fully delete some options. It is recommended that admins thoroughly check the registration options prior to opening the registration form.

The link to access your conference registration form is:

Replace the XXXX with your conference's unique CID number.

This is the only link to complete your conference's registration form.  All of the unique options created by Coupon Codes are accessible from this single form.

Testing your Conference Registration Form

It is highly recommended that you and your conference team test your Conference Registration Form thoroughly prior to opening registration.  This includes:

  • Test all registration types, including types only available using Coupon Codes
  • Create at least one completely new user account. Use an email address you have access to so that you can test the system-generated emails.
  • Test while logged in as an admin, and while logged out to see which options are available to admins only, and which aren't.
  • Make a small transaction to test your integration with your payment processing company. You may choose to use one of your payment processing company's test account codes, to test both complete and incomplete transactions.
  • Look for spelling, grammar, and clarity in the writing. If possible, ask another person who was not involved in creating the form to test it for you - a fresh pair of eyes will often spot things that you won't.

After you have completely tested your registration form, contact your Account Manager to confirm that you are ready to begin accepting registrations. They will be able to delete all test registrations from your system.

Your conference registrants will all register using this link, and your admin team will also test the registration form thoroughly using this link.  Create as many test registrations as you need; just remember to inform your Account Manager prior to opening registration so he/she can remove all test accounts from your registrant list.

Page Order

The pages in your registration form will appear in the order below.  The exact number of pages will depend on which options you make use of in the Edit Registration Form tool.

Pages marked with a star will appear on every conference registration form; all others will only appear if you included information for them in your registration options.

Page #

Default Page Title


Page(s) where information is added

1 Conference Information * Start/end dates, venue information, conference description, registration deadlines, coupon code entry, and additional instructions Basic Information, Accompanying Persons, Delegates, Special Services (if applicable)
2 User Details * Registrant contact information, including title, affiliation, email address, and terms & conditions Basic Information (Terms and Conditions only)
3 Accompanying Persons Contact information for any or all additional guests Accompanying Persons
4 Custom Questions Custom questions related to your specific conference Custom Questions
5 Registration Type Registration types and rates Accompanying Persons, Delegates
6 Meals Meal information and ticket purchases Meals
7 Sessions/workshops/seminars Sessions/workshops/seminars information and selection Workshops
8 Accommodation Accommodation information Accommodation
9 Trips/tours and other items Trips/tours and other items information Trips and Tours
10 Special Services Special Services information Special Services
11 Confirmation * Final overview of registrant information Payment