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This is page 8 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

No fields on this page are mandatory if the conference is not offering accommodation options.

The Accommodation page is specifically designed to assist with assigning specific rooms from a selection of rooms.  This feature should only be used if conference organizers are coordinating room allocations directly; if delegates are booking directly with the hotel or accommodation partner, it is strongly recommended that organizers simply include booking information and links in the Additional Instructions section.

Accommodation Description

This is the title that registrants see on this page as they complete the registration form. The default title is Accommodation; for clarity it is recommend to maintain a similar type of title.


The Accommodation Name must be used if organizers are using the Accommodation feature to enable registrants to book rooms directly from the conference organizers.

Pricing can be provided per room or per person. If per person is selected and the conference allows Group Bookings, then the registrant will be able to select which person(s) will require accommodation.

If your venue permits smoking in rooms, you can allow delegates to identify if they prefer a smoking or non-smoking room.

The dates entered under Booking Date Restrictions will limit the dates that registrants can book for their accommodation - they will not be able to book accommodation for days prior to or after these times using the Conference Registration Form.

If you are providing multiple types of rooms, you must create a separate Room Type for each (eg. Single, Double, Queen, Suite). You must provide at least one Room Type. Each room type can be limited to a certain number of spaces, and taxes can be applied as appropriate. If an option ceases to be available, or if you need to delete an option after registration has been opened, you can do so by selecting Cancelled next to that Room Type.

Additional Instructions

If you wish to provide additional instructions to registrants on anything to do with accommodation for the conference, add it to this box.  Many conference organizers choose to simply use this space to provide information on the conference's preferred accommodation partners, including links or booking codes to access conference rates.


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