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This is page 7 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

No fields on this page are mandatory if the conference is not offering workshop options.

Conference Manager accommodates complex workshop schedules, including concurrent sessions. For this reason, conference organizers must first create a session, with a date and time, and then identify which workshop(s) will take place during that block. This reduces the chance for registrants to accidentally select overlapping sessions.

Workshop Description

This is the title that registrants see on this page as they complete the registration form. The default title is Workshops; for clarity it is recommend to maintain a similar type of title.

Account Code

Text entered in this box will be used as the Account Code in the Financials Report.

Add a Session Group

Each Session Group represents a block of time during which workshops are offered.  Registrants are able to select one workshop from within each Session Group only. Multiple workshops may be offered during this time, so these must be created within this Session Group. Each Session Group must have a date, a time, and at least one Workshop.

If a fee is being charged for such workshops, then taxes can be applied to this cost. These are calculated in addition to the fee, and will be show at the end of the Conference Registration Form.

Session Groups and Workshops cannot be deleted, and it is not advised to edit a Session Group or Workshop to contain different information after registration has opened. Select the 'Cxld' (Cancelled) checkbox next to the workshop if you wish to cancel a session, so that information about registration for that component will be maintained. You may cancel individual workshops or entire sessions. Similar to tickets, you may also make workshops 'Admin Only', meaning that although registrants may not select that item as they fill in the form, administrators may edit their form later and add in the restricted workshop.

Add a Workshop to this Group

Once you have created a Session Group, you can add individual Workshops by clicking Add a Workshop to this Group. Each workshop must have a description.

If there is a fee to attend, you can add this in the Price box. Workshops that are being offered without additional cost, as part of the regular conference program, can have a price of $0.  Different Workshops can also have different prices.

Additional options are available by clicking Details. On this screen, it is possible to make any workshop available to specific Coupon Codes only.  Administrators can also set a limit to the number of registrants who may select a specific workshop, and set a deadline after which registrants will not be able to sign up for this workshop.

Additional Instructions

If you wish to provide additional instructions to registrants on anything to do with workshops at the conference, add it to this box.  This may include links to supporting information for each option.


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