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This is page 3 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

Mandatory fields on this page are:

  • Currency


Conference Manager supports registration in Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. Each community can be set up with a single currency only.

Selecting Euro as currency will convert date options from the North American format of MM/DD/YYYY to the European format of DD/MM/YYYY.  This includes dates entered on the first page of the wizard.

If you choose to make items with a price of 0.00 not visible, all items offered as complimentary will appear without a price attached.  For user clarity, it is generally recommended that this box be unticked.

Payment Methods

For more information about applying payments to registrants' accounts, see Making Payments.

Conference Manager supports online and offline payments.

Pay by Fax or Mail

If your conference will allow registrants to pay by cheque, bank transfer, money order, cash, or other offline methods, tick We will accept payment by Fax or Mail.  This option creates a printable payment form or faxback sheet for the registrant when they complete their registration.

Information entered in the box labeled Enter your full mailing address here will be located between the header information and the registrant's details on the printable payment form.

Information entered in the Faxback Form Note - TOP field will replace header information.  This includes invoice numbers, which can not be placed into this form by other means.

Information entered in the Faxback Form Note - BOTTOM box will be located at the very bottom of the printable  payment form.

Pay Online

Conference Manager supports the following online payment gateways:

  • Bambora (Canadian and US conferences only)
  • Concardis
  • Cybersource
  • Global Payments
  • LinkPoint
  • Moneris (Canadian and US conferences only)
  • PayPal Payflow Pro *
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • Protx
  • Sage Pay
  • Scholarchip
  • TouchNet
  • Transaction Central
  • Verisign Payflow Link

Requirements to set up these payment gateways vary by payment provider. Some providers require additional steps to link your merchant services with your Conference Manager events.

Bambora users can also set up up to five External Transaction References. This information tags transactions within the Bambora Payment Gateway with information about the conference, tool, delegate rate, or the name of the registrant. These options are currently only available through Bambora. Although the order may be set up how you wish, for the sake of uniform reporting we recommend:

  • Ref 1 - Conference title (customizable)
  • Ref 2 - Community ID
  • Ref 3 - Tool Type
  • Ref 4 - Delegate Type
  • Ref 5 - Registrant Name

Information entered in the "Show Term and Conditions on Payment Screen" box will be shown to all delegates, regardless of your payment gateway.  This space is ideally suited for information like your organization's refund policy and transfer policy.

* Note: Paypal Payflow users who want to take payments in Canadian funds must access their Paypal Admin portal and change the default currency from US to Canadian dollars. 

Credit Cards

Your payment gateway enables you to accept payment by credit card. Not all merchant accounts are equipped to accept all credit cards. Indicate to your delegates which options they will have for payment.

Include 'Pay Later' option for Registrants

This option enables registrants to complete registration without completing payment.  Regardless of whether this option is selected, delegates will be able to return to their registration to apply payment.  This option provides a button that delegates can click after submitting their registration to be returned to your home page without completing payment.


Conference Manager is equipped to apply taxes to all items that your registrants can pay for, including their conference registration, workshops, accommodation, trips, and other items.

Administrators can create up to two separate tax rates such as PST and GST. Each item with a cost can be assigned no taxes, one tax, or both taxes. If your conference does not need to collect taxes, leave both spaces blank. You may also indicate your tax number if this information needs to be shared with your registrants. It will appear in the confirmation email which they receive, associated with the first tax listed.

Taxes will be automatically calculated for each item and appended to the total cost. For example, a registration rate of $100 in a jurisdiction with a 5% tax rate would receive a total bill for $105.

The Financials Report includes breakdown of all taxes collected, to simplify remission.

Cancellation Policy and Payment Instructions

Cancellation policy and payment instruction information appears in two places: on the payment screen of the registration form, and on the Registration Confirmation Email. Because the instructions in these two places may be need to be different, it is possible to create two different types of message.

The payment screen box will inform registrants of what steps they should take as they complete their online registration. At this time they are most likely to immediately complete payment online.

The email confirmation box will give registrants instructions that they will refer to later, after they have completed their registration, and will be apparent the next time that they check their email. These users may be paying offline, or they may need information to assist them with returning to the online form.


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