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Last modified on 11/14/2017 2:24 PM by User.

Special Services

This is page 10 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

No fields on this page are mandatory if the conference is not offering special services. If the page is left blank, it will not be included in the Conference Registration Form.

The Special Services page is most suitable if your conference is able to provide provisions for registrants with special needs, such as wheelchair access or translation services. 

If your conference allows Group Bookings, your registrants will not be able to indicate which member of their group requires special services.  It is possible to create a text box for registrants to enter details by selecting Translation or Other Special Services.

Special Description

Text entered in this box will be used as the title for this page in the Conference Registration Form. If you are using this page for an alternate purpose, you may change the text in this box to reflect this.

Special Services

This box creates simple options to offer special services to your registrants.

If your conference is able to provide wheelchair access for registrants, tick Wheelchair Access.

If your conference can provide translation services, tick the Translation box.  The Subtitle box becomes a subtitle for this area of the registration form.  Text entered in the Message box  will appear next to a text entry line.

Note: the word "translation" does not appear on the Conference Registration Form if the translation option is selected. This makes this area equally suitable to other special services your conference might offer.

The example below shows one possible option:

Ticking Other Special Services (As Specified by Registrant) will allow registrants to provide information on other special requirements. If this option is selected, the Subtitle will become the subtitle for this area of the form, and the text entered in the Message box will appear next to a text entry area where registrants can provide detailed information about their needs.

Additional Instructions

If you wish to provide additional instructions to registrants on anything to do with special services at the conference, add it to this box.


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