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Accompanying Persons

This is page 4 of the Edit Registration Form tool.

Mandatory fields on this page are:

  • You must select one of No Accompanying Guests/Group Bookings, Allow group bookings: single pricing track, or Allow group bookings: multiple pricing tracks.

Pricing Tracks

Conference Manager is able to accommodate multiple registrations by one person. There are some caveats to this, which conference organizers should consider prior to opening registration.

No Accompanying Persons/Group Bookings

This is the simplest form of conference registration. Under this track, registrants are able to register for themselves only. To register another person, they must log out and complete the entire form again with a different user account. Using this track, complete information for all registrants will appear on all Data ExportsClick and Go Reports, and Statistics pages.

This is the most commonly used registration option.

Allow Group Bookings: Single Pricing Track

This option enables one person to register a group of individuals for the conference, using the same rate options and types. This format is ideal when one person may be registering on behalf of several others - for example, a departmental secretary or administrator registering on behalf of several people in the same office, department or lab using the same credit card.

Registrants registered under this track are referred to as Main Delegates (the person completing the registration form) and Guests (the additional people they registered). This track requires that administrators pay careful attention to all exports and statistics.

  • In Statistics, all main registrants and their guests are identified in all screens EXCEPT Special Needs, Custom Questions, and Status.
  • In Data Exports, all Main Delegates and their guests are identified in all reports EXCEPT Summary Questions.
  • All Main Delegates and their guests are identified in all of the Click and Go Reports.

Allow Group Bookings: Multiple Pricing Tracks

This option enables one person to register for themselves, as well as for their accompanying spouse and/or child(ren). This option is principally used for conferences which will offer some options for registrants' families, to encourage family participation in the conference. Guests in this track will NOT have access to the same registration types as the Main Delegate, but rather must have separate tracks.

It is not possible to create Partial Ticket Types (eg. single day ticket options) using this track.

Secondary guests under this track are referred to as Accompanying and Child guests.

Secondary guests will not be able to access the same full conference program that the Main Delegates have. They are able to select their main conference fees, add tickets for any Meals offered and any Trips or Other Items. Special pricing options for spouses and children can be created for all of these.

Allow Discount Delegate Types

Discount Delegate Types are also referred to as Coupon Codes and Discount Codes.

Coupon Codes enable conference organizers to create secret pricing tracks, or to create separate pricing tracks available only to certain individuals. This can be used for true coupons (eg. Enter Conference100 for $100 off your conference registration!) or for special groups, like sponsors, staff, students, volunteers, and members.

The Description box is used to identify the coupon type for administrators, and is visible to the registrants if the Coupon Type is set to Dropdown.

The Code box is where you will create the code that registrants will enter on page 1 of the Conference Registration Form, if the Coupon Type is set to Text Box.

If Require user to select/enter coupon in order to register? is set to Yes, then registrants will not be able to proceed with registration until they have added a code. This can be used to block registration to outsiders, or to force registrants to choose a special track.  If this option is set to No, then any person will be able to register. NOTE: if a coupon code is entered incorrectly and this option is set to No, the registrant will not be notified that their code has not been applied.

Administrators are able to change the name of the Coupon Code using the Coupon Title box.

If the Coupon Type option is set to TextBox, then registrants will have to know their code and enter it. Entered codes must be entered precisely as they were created - they must have identical CaPiTaLiZaTiOn, s p a c i n g, and num3r1c value5.

One option that some conferences use to allow registrants to choose from some coupon types, but not all, is to post the public coupon codes on this page. The text box to add this information is on the Delegates page. For example, you may choose to publish the Member, Student, and Faculty codes, but keep the Staff, Sponsor and Volunteer codes private.

If the Coupon Type option is set to Dropdown, registrants will be able to select one coupon type from a list of all coupon types. This is most advisable if you are willing to share all coupon types with all registrants. An example of this would be a conference that provided separate content tracks to multiple groups, like Start-Up Businesses, Investors, and Service Providers.

Administrators are also able to add information to the top of the first page of the Conference Registration Form. To add information to the bottom of this page, see the Delegates page.


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