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Registration Reports

Various sets of data can be exported from this Registration Admin Page.

NOTE: If you are a MAC user, you will need to save out the report file -> Open Excel for Mac -> then Import the file from the location you saved it to.

Export Data

Exports all user data entered during the individual's registration, including:

  • Basic information of the main delegate
  • Basic information of accompanying guests
  • Registration type information, including rate and discount code
  • Payment information, including status and method
  • Responses to custom questions


Exports detailed information about the current payment status for the overall conference, including quantity and price information for:

  • Quantity of orders, quantity of paid orders, price, and expected tax for all registration rates, workshops, meals, direct accommodation bookings, trips, and other purchased items
  • Total of all orders, total of all discounts, and total expected revenue for all cost elements
  • Total paid to date, total owing to date, number of partial payments made, and total owing to refunded delegates
  • Total calculations for all taxes applied
  • Total conference revenue: actual, projected, and owing

Summary Questions

Exports your delegates' answers to your Custom Questions.

Workshops (A-G), (H-N), (O-Z)

Export registration by conference delegate in each workshop.  Workshops that the delegate will attend are marked "Y"; workshops that the delegate will not attend are marked "N".

Delegates are separated into three groupings by the first letter of their surnames: A-G, H-N, and O-Z.  For a full listing of all delegate registration in events, download all three reports and combine the contents.

To export a complete listing of delegates registered in a specific workshop, see Statistics.


See Accommodation for related information.

If your conference is not providing accommodation for delegates, or if you are referring delegates to a preferred conference hotel, no information will be generated in this report.

If you are providing accommodation for your delegates, this report will export a summary of contact information for all delegates that can be provided to the hotel for check-in purposes.  Room type selections are included, however room number allocations are not created within Conference Manager and must be applied after generating this report.


Exports basic information for all delegates who have selected additional cost items and quantities for all selected items.


Exports basic information for all delegates who have selected meals.  Includes dietary preferences, allergies, and other dietary specifications for all delegates, and which meals they have selected.

This report also includes a summary of the number of main delegates and accompanying guests who will be attending each meal.

All Delegates

See Accompanying Persons for related information.

Conferences which permit group bookings (single pricing track or multiple pricing track) will occasionally require additional information about all delegates attending.  This report includes all contact information for each guest, including the name of the main delegate for each accompanying guest.  This report can be used for tasks which require a comprehensive list of attendees, such as generating name tags or creating seating assignments.

Where an accompanying spouse/child program is offered, the accompanying guest will be restricted from registering for main conference components like workshops. Exports for these areas will accordingly only show delegate information for guests who are able to attend.  For example, the Workshops reports will not show records for accompanying guests, and consequently should not be used to calculate the total number of delegates attending.

Click and Go Reports

In addition to the basic registration reports, there are a number of additional reports that may be helpful for your conference. See Click and Go Reports.