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Click and Go Reports

Click and Go reports provide a summary of information in specific formats that aren't immediately available in other Reports. Click and Go Reports can be found from the Tools menu, under Community.

If your conference requires specific information in particular formats that are not provided by any existing Reports or Click and Go Reports, Conference Manager's development team can create custom Click and Go Reports to your specifications for an additional charge. If you are interested in developing a custom Click and Go Report, contact

NOTE 1: If you are a MAC user, you will need to save out the report file -> Open Excel for Mac -> then Import the file from the location you saved it to.

NOTE 2: Many of the spreadsheet reports, such as the author and keyword indices, are formatted as comma separated value (CSV) files and may require a specific method to open. Please see the relevant article for details.

NOTE 3: Certain reports, such as the Lead Reviewer Report and Abstract List Report, are generated as an HTML file rather than an Excel friendly file. In order to have the ability to re-organize these reports in Excel the new workflow is to open the .HTML file that downloads from Conference Manager. When it opens in your browser, click somewhere on the browser and hit Ctrl+A to select all. Then open a blank excel workbook, click in the cell on the top left and hit Ctrl+V to paste the HTML text into Excel. From here you may want to hit Ctrl+A again and change the sizes of your rows and columns.

Different reports are available for the Abstract Tool and the Registration Tool.  Choose the appropriate tool from the drop down menu to see reports available for that tool.  You may need to click Refresh to load this information.

Abstracts Click and Go Reports

From the first drop-down menu, select Abstracts and allow the page to load. In the second drop-down menu you will see one custom Click and Go Report titled Abstract Summary.

  1. Abstract Book Report

    The Abstract Book Report creates a .doc file containing each accepted abstract in full text along with details and author information broken down into separate categories. The abstracts are alphabetically sorted by the primary author's last name. It is similar to the Abstract Summary .doc, but contains additional information, all of which display data headers.

  2. Abstract Summary Reports

    The Abstract Summary reports creates a .doc or .xls file of all of the accepted abstracts.  The abstracts are sorted by Abstract ID number. You are able to run them with or without the 1st Author showing

    This report displays the title of the submission at the top, followed by the names of the authors in the order they were added, with the submitter as first author, followed by their affiliations, and then the text of the abstract submission. There is a space between each submission.

  3. Author and Keyword Index Spreadsheets

    Creates excel reports that will give you a listing of keywords or Author names per Abstract ID number. If the data is present within the CID, the poster numbers will also be displayed here. The posters are sorted in the standard format of number-letter-number (e.g., 1-A-1) but this may be adjusted on a per-CID basis. Please contact support to change the sort order.

  4. Reviewer List

    Creates a csv file listing Reviewers and they Keywords they are assigned to

  5. Reviews with Abstract

    Creates an excel file with a listing of Author information, Review data including chair comments. There are two reports: approved reviews and all. Approved reviews only apply to CID's utilizing lead reviewer positions in their review process.

  6. Abstract People Reports

    These reports are related to the Update Abstract Author Names tool. More details may be found in the corresponding wiki article.

Registration Click and Go Reports

Five Click and Go Reports are available to all conferences using the Registration Tool.

  1. Name Badges

    This report produces a simple name badge document in .doc format, which can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word. This document includes the delegate First and Last Name, Title, Affiliation, City and Province/State. These fields will be reported exactly as entered by the registrants. If data has not been entered for a field, no data will be reported for that registrant's name badge.  The report is produced in alphabetical order by the registrant's Last Name.  Accompanying Guests, including spouses and children, are also included in this report if these options are selected in the Accompanying Persons page of the Edit Registration Form tool.

  2. Registration Report #1

    This report creates a very simple heads-up of your conference's current registration list, similar to the data which can be viewed on the Registration Admin Page in the default page view..

    The report contains only the First Name, Last Name, Affiliation/Company, Email, as well as their Main or Accompanying status, and if they are an Accompanying Guest, the name of the person they are accompanying.

  3. Registration Report #2A

    This report creates a comprehensive outline of the current registrants, a report similar to the Export Data Report, with an added total of registrants at the top. This report includes features like the full contact information for each registrant, their complete payment status and history, their Accompanying Guest connections, their rate type, Special Services requested, and their answers to all Custom Questions. This report is often used for creating Mail Merges with specific information.

  4. Registration Report #2B

    This report creates a brief summary of meal details, suitable to take to a caterer or to use for creating a seating chart.

    Data included in this report is simple, and includes registrants' First Name, Last Name, Affiliation, Dietary Restrictions, Allergies, Other dietary issues, and if they are attending each conference meal. Options which are not offered on the Meals page of the Edit Registration Form tool are not shown.

  5. Registrations & Accepted Abstracts

    This report can be used to check the registration status of any registrants who have also submitted accepted abstracts. This can only be used by conferences which use both the Registration Management Tool and the Abstract Management Tool from the Conference Manager suite.

    A comprehensive array of data is provided in this report, including extensive contact information, registration options and payment information, the answers to custom questions, and the User ID number. In columns AO and AP, the report lists the number of accepted abstracts submitted by that user, and if they have had abstracts accepted, the acceptance format and the title of the submission.

  6. Registration Names

    This report extracts all registrant names from the CID for use with the Update Registration People tool. This tool is used to correct registrant names before printing name badges (e.g., removing all caps, capitalizing names using lower case). Please contact support for assistance.