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Send Email (Registration)

The Send Email page is one of several emailing tools available in the Conference Manager suite. To access this tool, click Send Email from the Registration Admin Page data grid.

This tool is principally used to contact registrants for a conference according to specific criteria, though it can also be used to contact all registrants.

Creating your Recipients List

The recipients for emails created using this tool are the registrants who were shown on the Registration Admin Page's data grid when the Send Email button was clicked. 

This means that any filters which have been applied to the data grid are applied to the recipient list - including search terms and filtering from the Statistics page.

For example, if you wanted to email all people who had registered for a specific workshop to let them know of a time change, you would follow these steps:

  1. Click Statistics from the Registration Admin Page
  2. Click Workshops to see a list of all workshops offered
  3. Click on the name of the specific workshop to see a list of people registered for that workshop
  4. Click Send Email to compose an email to these people only.

Email Setup


The email will be sent from the email address associated with your Conference Manager account. To change this address, you must either log in as another user or change your email address using the Edit User Profile page.


This section shows all recipients of this email. To modify this list, see Creating your Recipients List above. If you are unable to build a complete list using these steps, consider using a different emailing tool to send your message. All recipients will be included in the BCC line of your email, so they will not be able to see each other's email addresses.


Create a subject line which adequately describes the intent of this email. The email can be sent with no subject line.


This email can include information that is specific to each recipient, including:

  • Personal title (Ms., Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Total ordered
  • Total Paid
  • Total Owing
  • Password setting/changing instructions

These fields are included in the email in the same order as above.  The name of your community will be the first line of the email.


The body of your email is entered in this space. 

This box is is HTML compatible, however not all email clients will be able to receive and view HTML formatting.  It is recommended that your emails use formatting and styling which will be legible for all recipients.

Send Email Reminders

Prior to sending, it is highly recommended to send a test email, by selecting Send Test Email from the drop-down menu. The email will be sent as a test to the email address that you enter below.

When you are certain that your email is ready, return to this page and select Send Email to All to send your email to the full group of recipients. Be sure to check the Recipients List before hitting send.