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Registration Summary

The Registration Summary shows a collection of details about a single registrant's account that are not available elsewhere in the Conference Manager system. To access a registrant's Registration Summary, simply click on their name in the Registration Admin page. From here, admins can navigate between three tabs:


The Payment tab summarizes all payments made to date, and allows administrators to apply payments or refunds to the registrant's account.

The Order ID is a unique marker which identifies this registrant's payment for this conference.

The Total Fee is the total amount calculated for this registrant's registration, including all costs associated with guests, meals, workshops, trips, purchased items, and taxes. This amount does not reflect any payments made, and it will not change unless the registrant's options from the Conference Registration Form are changed.

The Amount Paid shows the sum of all amounts paid to date for this user. If a refund has been applied, the Amount Paid will reflect this.

The Discount shows any amount entered with the Discount Payment Type on this registrant's account. The Discount line does not reflect items in the Conference Registration Form which have reduced prices, such as registrations entered with a discount Coupon Code or complimentary meal options.

The Amount Owing calculates the Total Fee, minus the Amount Paid and any Discounts which have been applied, to show the amount that the registrant owes. A negative number indicates that the registrant has over paid or is owed a refund. A $0.00 balance indicates that the registrant has paid in full.

The Payment Type drop-down menu is used to differentiate between different types of changes to a registrant's account. The options are Payment, Refund, Discount, and Complimentary. If Complimentary is selected, the Method, Amount, Date, and Notice options will not be present.


In the Method line, select the method by which payment was made. To simplify your reconciliation it is recommended that organizers be as specific as possible, and be consistent with which Method option you select for each type of payment. If Discount is selected, this option will not be present.

In the Amount line, enter the total amount of the payment, refund or discount by the current method of payment. This amount will be used to calculate the Amount Paid, Discount, and Amount Owing lines above, and will be reflected in the Payment Status column in the Registration Admin Page. If payment has been made by multiple amounts, process separate transactions for each method. An example of this would be if  you received a check for $300 from the registrant's employer to pay the main conference costs, and a MasterCard payment for $85 from the registrant to pay for additional meals and workshops they have purchased.

The Date is the date that the transaction was processed. The default date is today's date. You may require an alternate date if you processed payment on a different date.

If you wish to send the registrant a notice of the payment, select "Yes". The message will not be sent until you hit "Save". This is especially useful when the registrant has not completely paid for their conference registration, or when they have paid by mail or fax.

If you want to log any additional information about the payment you are making, you can create comments which will be attached to transaction in the Payment History. Depending on your organization's needs, you may use this to mark which person processed the payment, an authorization code, a comment about a payment made in unusual circumstances, or any other information.

Payment History

The Payment History section shows a log of all transactions that have been applied to the registrant's account. Note that this list does not show totals owing from their registration form, or transactions made for any other communities or conferences that the registrant is involved with.

The Payment History shows information in the following format, with each transaction on a separate line:

Date Payment Type Payment Method Amount Comment


The Summary tab shows a very brief outline of the registrant's information, including only:


The Registration tab contains a summary of the registrant's information similar in content and format to what is found in the Registration Confirmation Email.

Clicking View Printable Version in the top left corner of the page will open a printer-friendly version of this summary.

If a registrant requires a copy of their full registration data, admins can click Re-send this document to send a copy of the Registration Confirmation Email.

Clicking Edit Registration Details allows the admin to proceed through the user's Conference Registration Form and change any details that may be necessary, including their Registration Types. If changes are made that change the total fees for that registrant, a new Total Order will be calculated and all Payment information will be updated to reflect the new Total Order amount. The admin will also be able to access any options which were made Admin Only in the Edit Registration Form tool.

Clicking Cancel Registration will mark the registrant as a Cancelled registration.  Their record will remain in the Registration Admin Page, however the options they have selected, including Registration Type, Meals, Workshops, Accommodation and other items will not be counted in the totals for these areas in either the Statistics page or in Reports.  If your conference charges a cancellation fee, it is highly recommended to create a separate Registration Type called Cancelled, with a cost equal to your cancellation fee, and edit the registration to this type prior to clicking Cancel Registration. This ensures that cancellation fees are properly accounted for in your financial Reports.