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Last modified on 11/14/2017 11:34 AM by User.

Abstract Confirmation Email

When a submitter completes the conference abstract wizard, they will automatically receive an email notification confirming their submission.  This email is sent to the email address listed in the 'Email address for contact' field on page 1 of the wizard.  A copy is also forwarded to any administrators with this option selected in their account. (See Users)

This email confirmation can be created on page 8 of the Abstract Form - Setup.

By default, the Abstract Confirmation Email includes:

  • Edition of abstract (New Abstract or Edited Abstract)
  • 'Thank you for submitting the following abstract to <Community Name>:'
    • Abstract title - Abstract format
  • 'You will be notified about acceptance of your abstract.'
  • 'This automated message was sent to you by Conference Manager. Make sure to visit the <Community Name> website. Contact ConfManager Admin if you have questions.' Please note that if you are using the registration form as well, the community name is replaced with the Conference Title from the first page of the form.

Optional information that can be included in this email:

  • Submitter name (personal title, first name, last name)
  • Introductory message preceding community name and abstract title
  • Abstract Title
  • Abstract Format
  • Abstract Summary
  • Abstract Text
  • Abstract Keywords
  • Abstract Custom Responses
  • Abstract Authors
  • Abstract Awards
  • Abstract Conflict of Interest
  • Abstract ID
  • Additional information via HTML-compatible text area.

If you are customizing this email, ensure you click 'Finish' every time changes are made.

Users who have entered invalid email addresses will not receive this email.  Conference Manager requires that all email addresses be entered in a format (requiring the @ symbol and a . before the domain), however the system is unable to determine if email addresses are indeed valid.


Unifying Domains

Recently, the number of phishing/spoofing emails has drastically increased and most email providers have adjusted their security settings to match this. A result of this is that emails without the same domain present in the From, Reply-To, and Return addresses are more likely to be flagged as fraudulent. Due to the fact that we use Mailgun to manage our email deliveries, the Return address always includes a Mailgun domain. To mitigate this, we now transform any email address entered into the form to use a domain in the format of Through email routing in the back end, responses will still be delivered to the email address specified in the form, but the first appearance of the email will display the modified domains. Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns about this.