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Abstract Acceptance/Rejection

Make acceptance and rejection decisions directly from the Abstract Admin dashboard, OR individually in each abstract's 'Acceptance' area. The Acceptance and Rejection states available to your Reviewer team will depend on how you have set up your Formats on Page 2 of the Abstract Form -Setup

1. Login as an Admin and go to Tools -> Abstracts -> Abstract Admin

2. To make acceptance decisions in the Abstract List, click the 'Acceptance' button at the top:
*If nothing happens, you may need to clear your browser cache

3. Add any columns (e.g. Acceptance, Score) you need to make your decision(s), using the 'Add Column' drop-down at the top right. You can also remove columns by clicking the 'x' at the column header, or sort columns by clicking the column header.

  • The Format column shows what the presentation format the submitter chose
  • The Acceptance column shows what decision has been made by either an Admin or Lead Reviewer
  • The Score column shows the average score by reviewers and the number of times it's been scored.

4. Check the box left of any abstracts that you want to change the 'Acceptance' column for, and choose a format (or 'Reject' or 'Decision Pending') in the 'Acceptance Decision' drop-down, and click 'Apply'


5. To apply the same acceptance format to all abstracts ON THE CURRENT PAGE, click the checkbox in the 'Abstract ID' column header (top) to select all abstracts. To select all abstracts, click 'Show All' at the bottom before clicking the top check box.

6. To accept or reject an INDIVIDUAL abstract, click on an abstract in the list, then 'Acceptance' in the Actions box:

             a) You can also see all of the reviewer scores/comments on this page


           b) In the 'Acceptance' box, choose an acceptance format and click 'Save' at the bottom


Abstract Acceptance/Rejection Emails

For information on how to notify submitters about their abstract acceptance/rejection, see Abstract Acceptance/Rejection Emails.

Submitter Acceptance

For information on the abstract acceptance email from a submitter's perspective, see Accepting the Acceptance Decision.