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Last modified on 3/7/2018 2:05 PM by User.

Reviewer Permissions

This page allows you to set up the 'blinding' options on your submissions. You can choose to include or exclude certain data on the Reviewer's screen depending on how blind you want the review process to be. Make your selections using the selector buttons to the right. There is a drop down available for choosing how large a rating scale you plan on using. You have 1 - 100 available to you.

You can also designate whether or not to automatically assign abstracts based on Keywords and/or Categories. The next option below designates how lead reviewers will be assigned to automatically assigned abstracts.

*Note: The additional information box available on this page shows on the Reviewer's screen. This is a valuable area for providing any information your Reviewers may need to see when they click into a submission to review it. For example, you could embed a link to your Review instructions. You could add a graphical representation of your Rating scale.

You may also create custom questions for reviewers to answer during the review process. These are created on the Custom Questions page.


To save changes to the form you have made you must click the Finish button on the bottom of the form. It is advisable to click the Finish button periodically throughout the process, especially if you are not completing the form all at once, to keep your current changes saved.



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