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Abstract Management Tools»Abstract Form Setup»Confirmation (Abstracts)
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Last modified on 11/14/2017 1:29 PM by User.

Confirmation (Abstracts)

Wizard complete! This page will allow you to review the data you have entered in the previous pages and click 'Finish' to save the data. Once you have clicked Finish, your custom abstract submission form will be setup.

Before reviewing the form and clicking Finish:

  1. Enter the Title you wish to give this form. Example: Abstract Submission Form
  2. Specify how many abstracts a single user may submit. If you do not wish to set a limit, choose Unlimited from the drop down menu.
  3. If you wish to redirect submitters back to another web page after they submit, fill in the Button Name field
  4. Enter the link of where you want submitters to redirect to once they have completed their form.


*To save changes to the form you have made you must click the Finish button on the bottom of the form. It is advisable to click the Finish button periodically throughout the process, especially if you are not completing the form all at once, to keep your current changes saved.



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