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Presentation Formats and Awards

On Page 2 of the Edit Abstract Form tool, you will be asked if you wish to collect Presentation Formats. A presentation format could be an Oral Presentation or a Poster Presentation, for example. Select Yes if you want to allow users to submit abstracts for different types of presentations. Note, that even if you allow your Submitters to select a presentation format, you are able to change them as you see fit during the review process.

Screen Title

This will be the title that your Submitters see when they come to the first screen of their Abstract Submission wizard. You can call this whatever you like. Example: Abstract Submission Form. It is recommended that you set this up even if you are not planning to collect Presentation Formats or Awards.

Section Title

This is the heading for the category listing for presentation formats. Example: Preferred Presentation Format

Default Presentation Format

Enter your default Presentation type. You can add a Format Note that will pop up after the author has selected a particular presentation type. This is handy for providing any warnings or additional information about the format they have selected. Example: Oral Presentations can be up to 1 hour in length!

Once you have entered your default format, use the Add another format button to add as many presentation formats as you like. Once you have entered all of your formats, you can go back and change which one you want as your Default by selecting the button beside any of them.

These can be used for more than just specifying Presentation Formats, they can also be used to give Reviewers and Chairs more control over Accept/Reject states during this phase of the process. Once you have closed submissions to the public, you can come back into the form and create additional Formats that will help define Acceptance/Rejection states. For example, you could set up two additional formats called: Accepted Pending Minor Revisions or Accepted Pending Major Revisions. Any type of Acceptance or Rejection state that you may wish for a submission can be added here.

You can use the 'Cancelled' check box beside any format to remove it from the list of formats a Submitter will see on the form. Items may be un-'Cancelled' to restore them to the form if a mistake has been made.


Please select Yes if you wish to provide your Submitters the option to sign up for an award. Once you have selected to show Awards, you will be asked to fill in the Section Title. Example: Awards

Enter the name of the Award in the Name field. You can add as many awards as you like to this list by clicking the Add another award button.


To save changes to the form you have made you must click the Finish button on the bottom of the form. It is advisable to click the Finish button periodically throughout the process, especially if you are not completing the form all at once, to keep your current changes saved.


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