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Last modified on 11/14/2017 2:25 PM by User.

Submission Dates

On Page 1 of the Edit Abstract Form tool, you are asked to choose if you wish to restrict access to the Abstract tool based on opening or closing dates. If you click 'Yes' to this question, the date pickers will drop-down and you can enter your Opening and Closing dates. If you do choose 'Yes' to this question, the Closing Date entry will be required for you to save the form. Note that you can go back at any time and adjust the Closing dates if you need to extend your deadlines.

This page also allows you to to set:

- if authors can edit accepted abstracts. Prior to acceptance abstract submitters may edit their submission as desired.

- if the submitter must be registered to confirm acceptance. Please verify that your CID has its registration form set up before enabling this option.

- if acceptance decisions should be made public. This should be set to No until you are ready to send out your Acceptance/Rejection emails. While set to No, users will only have the option to Withdraw their abstract. Once it is set to Yes, they gain the additional options to Accept the Acceptance, or to Contact Organizers to discuss their acceptance state.

- if the submitter is a part of the author list. If Yes, then the submitter is automatically considered the first author. If No, the submitter is not included in the author list.

- if abstracts from this CID should be include in the Upload Abstract People reports. This is an admin-only setting used to generate a report for a separate tool. Please contact support for guidance.


To save changes to the form you have made you must click the Finish button on the bottom of the form. It is advisable to click the Finish button periodically throughout the process, especially if you are not completing the form all at once, to keep your current changes saved.



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