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Tool Numbers


Tool name   Purpose
Abstract Acceptance TID=84 An old tool designed to manage abstract acceptance. Is being phased out in most communities.
Abstract Admin TID=50 Provides access to all functions on the Abstract Admin Page
Abstract Author
TID=104 Allows the author of an accepted abstract to confirm that they will present the accepted submission at the conference.
Abstract Emails TID=103 Enables creation and sending of the Abstract Acceptance and Rejection emails
Abstract Import TID=92 Import data to be used in the Session Scheduler and Searchable Program tools
Abstract Review TID=61 Provides access to all functions of the Abstract Review tool
Accepted Abstracts TID=64 Enables users to access a limited view of all of the abstracts that have been accepted, including title, authors, and text
Add Conference TID=4 Create a new sub-community of the current community using the Add Conference tool
Attendee List TID=58  
Batch Create Users


Batch Subscribe Users TID=8  
Booth Admin TID=101  
Child Communities TID=19  
Click and Go Reports TID=115  
Community Skin TID=39  
Create Account TID=90  
Create Signup TID=89  
Custom Questions TID=102  
Edit Abstract Form TID=86  
Edit Conference TID=15  
Edit Fields TID=105  
Edit Link TID=18  
Edit User TID=21  
Email Generator TID=121  
First Contact TID=48  
Form Admin TID=63  
Golf Admin TID=75  
Import Registrations TID=111  
Import Reviewers TID=100  
Import Users TID=91  
Manage Content TID=28  
Manage Users TID=29  
Member Search TID=117  
Membership TID=112  
Membership Activities TID=116  
Registration Admin TID=33  
Registration Form TID=32  
Remove Community TID=34  
Roles TID=36  
RSS Admin TID=109  
RSS View TID=108  
Search Tool TID=94  
Send Newsletter TID=59  
Session Edit TID=95  
Session List TID=93  
Unsubscribe from Keynote TID=83  
XML Reports TID=123