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Last modified on 11/14/2017 2:04 PM by User.

Membership Confirmation Emails

When a user submits your Membership Form, they will receive an automatic notification to confirm that the form was submitted and to remind them of their basic details.

When a person who does not already have an account wants to become a members of your organization, they will create a new user account when they complete your Membership Form. The Membership form is built using elements from the Membership Form - Setup tool and from the Edit Fields tool; the options to customize your New User Account email for users submitting the membership form are set in the Edit Fields tool

Unless the administrator edits the email, it will appear as follows:

Dear First name Last name,

Thank you for registering for Community Name.

Because this message is sent automatically to all new members and all renewing members, we recommend that you word this message in such a way as to suit both audiences. This is also a great place to put information about membership benefits, access to members-only resources, coupon codes for member-only conference registration rates, and any other information you want to be available immediately to your members.