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Membership Form Setup

This is where you will create the Membership forms that your prospective members will go through to sign up for your Association or your existing Members will use to renew.

After memberships have been opened, the Edit Membership Form tool can be accessed through the Membership Admin Dashboard by clicking the blue Edit Form link in the top right set of links.

The Edit Membership Form tool is a 10-page administrator tool to create your customized membership path.  Create your form carefully - once you have opened your membership, you will be able to modify most, but not all areas.

When creating and editing your membership form, keep in mind that it is not necessary to fill in every area.  Mandatory fields are marked with a blue *, all other fields are optional. It is also possible to exclude certain pages from the registration path by leaving information blank.  Membership organizers often create more work for themselves by completing every field - this is especially true when your membership form must be approved by a committee prior to launching.

The form pages are as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuration
  3. Basic Information
  4. Payment
  5. Membership Type
  6. Group Items
  7. Regular Items
  8. Special Needs
  9. Custom Questions
  10. Confirmation/Summary

To access the setup, go to Tools -> Membership -> Membership and then select Edit Form from the top right corner. You will be taken to a landing page that is an informational overview of the sections yet to come (page 1, the introduction). Click Next to begin the setup.

2 - Configuration

This is Page 2 of the setup form and allows you to set up My Users and Presentation information.

  1. Allow users to edit membership information: This setting will allow your members to return to the form at a later date and adjust their user details, membership type, and any additional items they have selected. We do recommend that you leave this open to editing at least up until a certain point of time when you can come back in and change the setting to No.
  2. Allow users to renew before membership expires: This only applies to membership types that expire after a length of time (editable on Details pane in page 5 of this setup). Clicking Yes will allow members to renew before their membership expires, adding an additional period of time onto their expiry date.
  3. Role for paid membership: The drop-down box to the right will show a list of Roles that have been setup in this CID. Choose the Member role that you have set up.
  4. Languages: You can choose either French or English or both. Use Ctrl+click to select both if you wish.
  5. Show the price of zero cost items as: You have the choice to display items that have no cost associated with them as a 0.00 figure or a blank field.

3 - Basic Information

This is Page 3 of the form and allows you to set up basic information about your Association and define the membership deadlines

  1. Association Title: This is a required field. Enter the name of the Association that this membership will belong to
  2. Subtitle: If you have a subtitle for your Association enter it here
  3. Description: If you wish, you may enter a brief description of your Association
  4. Early-bird deadline: if you allow members special pricing if they renew sooner, enter the cut off date for this pricing here
  5. Regular deadline: not commonly used for membership module as the Final deadline is usually the renewal deadline anyway
  6. Final deadline: This date is mandatory. You must enter a final date for the membership renewal pricing

4 - Payment

This is Page 4 of the form and allows you to set up information regarding how you will take payments from members and setup any tax rates.

  1. Currency: this is a required field. Please select your currency from CAN, US, Euros, Pounds
  2. Payment Methods: Fax or Mail - If you will accept payments by Fax, enter your fax number. If you will accept payments by Mail, enter your mailing address. Make sure you check which credit cards you will be accepting.
                                           Online Payment - Select your Payment Gateway from the drop down menu and enter your Merchant information as provided by your Payment Processor. *If you use Bambora you have access to the External Transaction References in this section. If you need help setting these up, please contact
  3. Include Pay later option: This is generally left blank for memberships as you want your members to pay right away but if you have a requirement to allow payment for membership at a later date, check this box.
  4. Taxes: If you would like Conference Manager to calculate taxes to apply to the prices you will enter, list them here. You may enter up to two taxes (they are not cumulative). You may also list your tax number here if that is required for your members. The number will appear on their confirmation email/receipt once they have completed the form.

5 - Membership Type

This is Page 5 of the setup form. It allows you to set up different membership types according to your pricing streams.

  1. Account Code: This defines the column header in your exported reports. We recommend setting it as membership_type
  2. Membership Types: Enter a name for your membership type, a final price and click the Details tab. You may also cancel membership types here if an error has been made or if you no longer want that type to appear to users accessing the form.
  3. Details Screen: You will see a pop-up window with details for this ticket type
  • Final Deadline - is the date up until memberships can be purchased or renewed
  • Limit - if you wish to set a limit on the number of memberships of this type that can be purchased
  • Coupon - if this is a discounted membership that only a certain group will have a code for, enter the code in this box
  • Admin Only - if you check this box it will effectively 'hide' this membership type from anyone but an Admin
  • By Length - Select this option if you wish to set the membership type to be active for a recurring number of months
  • By Expired Date - Select this option if you wish to set the membership type to be active until a date you specify here

6 - Group Items

This is Page 6 of the form and it allows you to set up extra group items but only allows a member to select one item from each group. For example, Chapter memberships, or Online OR print journal

  1. Account Code: This defines the column header in your exported reports. We recommend setting it as group_items
  2. Do you wish to display Group Items: If you have no items to display, leave this option set to No
  3. Add a Group button: Enter your Group description and Add items to this group. You can enter Item description, price and quantity limits and a date when this item expires.
  4. Cancelled: You can check this box to make an item unavailable to members

*NOTE: To hide a Group completely, simply cancel every item within it and it will no longer display on the form.

7 - Regular Items

This is Page 7 of the form and it allows you to set up extra items you may wish your members to purchase. For example, subscriptions, t-shirts, or other items.

  1. Account Code: This defines the column header in your exported reports. We recommend setting it as other_items
  2. Add Regular Item Button: Enter your description, price and whether taxes should be applied.
  3. Details Button: You can make this item a heading, add a box for quantities, provide a URL for additional information, set quantity limits, and a date when this item expires.

8 - Special Needs

This is Page 8 of the form, where you can set accessibility options for special needs.

  1. Special Services: put a check mark beside the service you will provide to members

9 - Custom Questions

This is Page 9 of the form, where you can choose to include custom questions in your membership form. For example: Have you been a member previously in another chapter? Have you attended one of our Events?

  1. Set up Custom Questions: please follow the instructions found on the Custom Questions page
  2. Do you want to include custom questions: Select Yes to include the custom questions you have now set up. You will see a preview appear on this page that shows your questions.

10 - Confirmation Page

The final page of the form will show you all of the previous settings that you chose on pages 1-9 of the form. You can scroll down to ensure all items are correct and then click the Finish button to create the form.