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Membership Admin Dashboard

You can manage your Memberships from the Membership Admin Dashboard which is accessible from Tools -> Membership - > Membership. By default, you will be shown your list of Active Members. (If you do not have any Members yet, complete the Membership Form - Setup and share it with prospective members).

Dashboard View: You can remove columns by click the X beside the header. You can add columns by using the Make a Selection drop-down. Click the header name to the sort the columns up or down.

Email Members: Use this tool to create a custom email form to send out to your Members

Expired Members: Click this link to be taken into your list of members who have not yet renewed and are expired

Edit Form: This will allow you to set up your membership form. Please see Membership Form - Setup

Statistics: The statistics function enables administrators to quickly check membership status in a number of specific areas. Clicking the link on each category type gives access to a filtered list of members who fall into each category. Administrators can then click Send Email to send an email message to all members identified by this filter.

Payment Summary: A report that can be viewed within the dashboard or exported to spreadsheet showing all payment information

Export Data: A full export of all Member-related fields to a spreadsheet

Financials: A financials report for Members exported to a spreadsheet

Search: Enter a username, email, first or last name to search for Members. Note: if you don't find them in the main list be sure to click into Expired Membership and search again for them there.


Edit Membership Details

If you need to look into the details of a Membership, you can click the blue link associated with the account. From here, you have different tabs that will allow you to see every aspect of this members account and history with you.

1. The Admin Info tab will show you if the Member is Active or not. It will also contain any information that you have set up in your Membership form. You can add your own Notes to this area if you wish and click the Save button to save your changes.

2. The Payment tab will show you all information related to their last payment in the Membership system. This is also the area where you will Post Payments that come from cheques or any other offline payment type. You can also post a Refund here if you wish or 'Comp' a membership by clicking the Complimentary check box.

3. The Summary tab will show you the 'receipt' page of the last payment the member made. You have the option here to Re-send this document to send another copy of the receipt to the member. You can also Edit membership details if you wish to make changes to the form they have filled out. You can Edit a payment if there was a mistake made by the member before or adjustments need to be made. Finally, you have the option to Cancel membership

4. The Renewals tab will show you a member's payment history throughout the years. It will also show when their Membership will come up for renewal again. You can manually adjust the expiry date here if needed but it is advisable to allow the system to manage the expiry dates as specified by you when you went through the Membership Form - Setup

5. The History tab will show you which communities this member has had a membership in. This is helpful if you are managing different membership communities.