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Last modified on 11/17/2017 9:45 AM by User.

Email Generator Tool

The Email Generator Tool can be used to send mass mailings to subsets of delegates outside of the Abstract or Registration Tool email forms.

1. From the main menu in Tools -> Community -> Email Generator

2. You will see your list of templates. To create a new template click the New Email Template list

3. You will be taken into the email text editor:

  • Enter the Name of this template
  • Enter the Subject line of the email
  • Choose which Tool this will be used with from the drop-down list. The filters available to you in step 7 vary depending on the tool you select.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Not only does selecting the tool type change the filters that are available, but it also changes the subset of users to email. If you use the abstract type, the various filters will apply to abstract submitters. If you use the registration type, the filters will apply to registrants. As these can be different (e.g., someone has registered but not submitted an abstract, or vice versa), please be careful in selecting the tool type.
  • Enter the body of the text and format it using the editor. You can switch back and forth between editing the text as you see it or directly editing the HTML code by using the tabs at the bottom of the editor. Use the Custom Fields box to add variables in the template that will be populated with specific user data from the database (like a Mail Merge).

4. Once you have completed your template, click the Save button.

5. Once saved, you will now have the opportunity to select recipients for this template, to edit, or to delete the template. You can return to the main template list by clicking the Email Template List link in the upper right.

6. If you are ready to send the email, click the Select Recipients button

7. You will now be taken to the Recipient filtering page. Enter the 'Reply to' email address where delegates will be able to respond to this mailing. Now, you can decide who you would like to send this email to by selecting the group and moving them to the right-hand pane with the > button. For example, select Unpaid and move it to the right side. The < button removes selected item from the list. The >> and << buttons move ALL items to one side or the other.

8. Once you have applied your filters, you can click the Show Recipients button to cross-reference your numbers and ensure you have selected the right people. When you click this button you will get a pop-up window (ensure your browser is not blocking these) that will show you the list. For example, it will show 99 recipients and you know you have 99 un-paids

9. Once you have confirmed that these are the correct people, you can click the 'Export Preview' button to view each email within a Word document with the merged Fields populated. This is helpful for verifying data again.

10. Once you have verified that all data is correct, you can click the Send Email button.

11. Log into your MailGun account to view any Undeliverable emails and to view stats on how many have been received.