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Last modified on 11/14/2017 1:57 PM by User.


Import Users

Import Users is a tool that can be found under the Users menu.

This tool is useful for adding large numbers of users to your community, including users who may or may not already have user accounts.

User Import Spreadsheet

Conference Manager will import information that you enter in a .xls document to the system's user databases. Because the import is effectively copying information from one column to a matched column, it is very important that the data be imported in a specific format. The required format is reflected in the User Import Spreadsheet.  Data must be entered in the correct columns, or it will be copied to the wrong columns - meaning that if you put an email address where the user's first name should be, the user's account will show an email address instead of a first name.

Not all fields are mandatory, however the import must contain certain information about each person in order to create their new user account:

  • Email address - must be in abc@def.ghi format (must contain the @ and . structures)
  • First name
  • Last name

If Title is included, it must be one of the following options. All other data entered in this field will be ignored. If you do not wish to apply a title to the user, leave this space blank.

  • Mr.
  • Mrs.
  • Ms.
  • Miss
  • Dr.
  • Prof.


The User Import tool will assign the same role to each user imported. To import users to different roles, you must run the User Import tool multiple times, assigning each import to the correct role.


To import users, upload your completed User Import Spreadsheet and click Import. It will take a few minutes for the data to be imported.

If the spreadsheet contains a record for an existing Conference Manager user (matched by email address), that existing user account will be subscribed to the community with the correct role and a new account will not be created for them. If they are already a member of the community, their account will not be changed.