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HTML Tags - Basic
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HTML Tags - Basic

Conference Manager Software uses HTML (HyperText Markup Language) within its forms to allow you to format instructions or information.

  • HTML instructions are called tags
  • A tag consists of an <element name> surrounded by left and right angle brackets
  • An <element name> tag marks the beginning of a section
  • The end of the section is then marked by the ending tag </element name>
  • End, or stop tags are always preceded by the slash / character

The table below displays a selection of very basic HTML tags to get you started.

*Note: It is advisable to use single quotes ' ' not double quotes when formatting html in conference manager

Simple Formatting Tags  
<b>   </b> Creates Bold text



Inserts a line break:

  • The <br> tag is used to end a line when you don't want to start a new paragraph
  • The <br> tag forces a line break wherever it is placed
  • The <br> tag is an empty tag. It has no end tag
<font color=?>   </font> Sets the font colour using the font colour name
<font size=?>   </font> Sets the size of font from 1 to 7
<i>   </i> Creates italic text
<p>   </p> Creates a new paragraph. Note: HTML automatically adds an extra blank line before and after a paragraph
<p align=?> Aligns a paragraph to the left, right or center
<strong>   </strong> Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)
<a href="URL">   </a> Creates a hyperlink
<a href='mailto:EMAIL'>   </a> Creates a mailto link
<a name='NAME'>   </a> Creates a target location within a document
<a href='#NAME'>   </a> Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document
<b>This text is bold</b> This text is bold
<i>This text is displayed in italics</i> This text is displayed in italics
<font color=red>This font colour is red</font> This font colour is red
This is a link to the <a href=''>Conference

This is a link to the Conference Manager website