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External Membership Integration with Registration Form

Conference Manager allows Clients with external Membership systems to pass information into Conference Manager’s registration forms for their Members. This will allow Clients to confirm Membership and then direct members to our internal registration form where the member ticket price will be selected for them. You can also create as many custom embedded forms you need to provide different types of coupon tickets with this type of pass-through into the registration form.


Use Cases for the Functionality

User has no Confmanager login:  The system will prompt the user to log in or create an account. Since the user has no account they will create one and the membership number will automatically be assigned from the information in the form

User has Confmanager login but not registered to CID: The user will log in and the membership number will automatically be assigned from the information in the form

The Membership number has been assigned to a user registered in the cid:  The user will be presented with a login screen where the only thing they can do is enter a password or request a password reset. This will eliminate more than one user with the same membership number.

User needs to change their membership number:  A regular user will not be allowed to do this but an administrator can.

Ticket page presented: All ticket types should be displayed by only certain tickets, depending on the coupon code, will be selectable.



1.       Each membership number is unique to each user.

2.       The member's ticket price is based on a membership type sent by the external system.

3.       The prices of tickets that are not available do to membership type will be shown but not available to select.

4.       Non-members will be able to access the system without a membership number or membership type and get a general ticket price.

Configuring the External web Form

The external registration system must create the form that will be submitted to our system for processing. See example below:

<form name="register" action="" method="post">

      <input type="hidden" name="membership" value="member123456">

      <input type="hidden" name="coupon_code" value="m1234">

      <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Sign up for conference">


In the above example, the membership parameter is the membership number from the external system. The coupon_code parameter is the coupon code set up in our registration system corresponding to the tickets that are valid for that member. Any number of coupon codes can be set up for any number of membership types. The membership system is responsible for sending the correct coupon code.


Configuring the Registration Form

In TID 33, you will need to Edit the Registration Form with the following parameters:

1.       On Page 2 of Edit Registration Form the ‘Force Login before registration’ flag must be set to True. This will force login to be the first thing the user does.

2.       On Page 4 of Edit Registration Form the following parameters must be set as follows:

a.       ‘Require user to select/enter coupon in order to register?’ is set to No.
(This allows people without coupons to register)

b.      ‘Show discount and non-discount delegate types’ is set to Yes.
(This allows everyone to see all ticket types even if they are not allowed to select them. The objective is to show registrants the lower ticket prices for being a member)

c.       ‘Show coupons for member delegate type’ is set to No.
(This disables the ability to enter a coupon code. This way all coupon codes must come from the form referenced above. Note that the code can be changed by an administrator)


 Non-Member Discount Tickets

There may be instances where non-members will be given discounts. For example, a presenter may be given a free ticket. This can be facilitated in two ways:

1.       A static web page with the above form could be created and a link to that form would be sent to the applicable people. In this case the membership parameter would not be present. The issue is that this link may get passed around and Registrations of this type would need to be watched. That is easily done through the Statistics page.

2.       The special ticket types could be made Admin Only. The applicable person would register without a coupon but not pay. An administrator would then go in and change the ticket type and ask the Registrant to pay. This may take a significant amount of administration time depending on the number of special registrations.