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Import Registration
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Last modified on 11/14/2017 1:57 PM by User.

Import Registration

In order to save time setting up a registration form, you may use the Import Registration tool. This tool allows you to copy selected sections from another CID's registration form and import them into your current CID. The process is quite straightforward. Please note that this tool is only available to administrators. Note as well that this tool may only be run on new/blank registration forms. If the form has already been set up you must delete it before proceeding with the import.


1. Access the tool by following the links in the toolbar. Tools -> Registration -> Import Registration

2. Enter the CID number of the registration form you wish to copy.

3. Select which pages of the registration form you want to copy by checking off the desired boxes. Please note that if you do not select a section, that section will not be filled in and will be blank in your new registration form.

4. Press the Import button.

5. Your form will now be populated with all of the desired information from the other CID. You can still go in to the form and make adjustments and changes before opening the form up to the public by simply navigating to the edit form tool (TID=33).


Alternative Use

A common use of this tool is to reset registration forms in CID's which are recycled and used every year. To do this you simply need a spare, empty CID with a blank registration form to use to hold the information. The process is as follows:

1. Set up a new CID, or use an existing one with a blank registration form that is not in use for anything else.

2. Use the import tool to copy all of the sections from your real CID to the placeholder.

3. Return to your original CID, and delete the old registration form. This is a superuser-only function so please contact for assistance.

4. While still in the original CID, now run the import tool. This time, target the placeholder CID, but only import the sections which will not be changing. Do not select the sections you want blanked.

5. Run the tool

You will now have kept the information want, and blanked the sections you want emptied. This is commonly used to wipe the Basic Information, Meals, and Trips/Other Items pages, which tend to change every year. The Payment, Accompanying Persons, Delegates, and Workshops pages tend to remain the same for many conferences, so we don't need to rest these.